The most essential tools for gardeners
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The most essential tools for gardeners

For garden owners, this summer’s extreme weather has made keeping up with the gardening more of a challenge lately.

Some areas of Britain have seen a month’s rainfall in the space of a day, which has understandably been catastrophic for more fragile plants. Then there have been the sporadic heatwaves which have broken records and left lawns parched and flowers shrivelling. All in all, it has meant that many gardeners have had their work cut out.

During periods of intense gardening such as this, it’s essential to make sure you’re fully kitted out with the right tools. The last thing you want is to be taking on a rampant garden with nothing but a rusty old trowel and a pair of holey gloves.

Here’s our list of the tools gardeners shouldn’t be without:

1. Lawnmower

The combination of heavy rainfall and searing heat this summer has meant lawns are growing at an exasperating rate, making the need for a trusty lawnmower even more essential. There are several options to consider. Hover mowers are good for unusually-shaped gardens, but not so good for large lawns, while the wheeled variety trades manoeuvrability for control and ease of motion.

If you have a lot of grass to cut, then it may be wise to consider a petrol mower, as these have the added grunt to chomp up a large lawn and don’t require a mains connection, leaving you free to mow as far as you like.

2. Rake / leaf blower

Autumn is just around the corner, and with it comes the change in the trees. Before we know it we’ll be ankle deep in fallen leaves, so now’s the time to make sure you’ve got a sturdy rake. If you’d rather give your back a break from hard work, you could consider investing in a leaf blower. Splash out on one of these petrol-powered puppies and you’ll soon have leaves scurrying into a corner where you can easily bag them up.

3. Secateurs

When it comes to pruning plants, bushes and trees, a good pair of snips is worth its weight in gold. For easy-to-reach plants such as roses you can use a small pair of clippers, but for taller plants such as notoriously unruly bamboo it’s best to equip yourself with a pair of extendable secateurs. This handy tool will allow you to reach those high up branches and shoots without needing to get the stepladder out of the shed every time. Just be sure to wear protective gloves when dealing with thorny customers.

4. Trowel and hand fork

With colder and wetter weather on its way, gardeners will already be thinking about moving some plants indoors for protection. This is where a trowel and fork come in handy. Make sure you go for ones with comfortable handles, as this will reduce the strain on your hands during long bouts of replanting. Inspect the blade to make sure it’s well-fitted and up to the task of digging in hard ground, and you can even find some with depth marks etched into the metal to aid with planting.

5. Hose reel

For times when the mercury is soaring, it’s essential to have a garden hose to keep your lawn and plants looking healthy. Even if your garden is devoid of grass and plants, having a hose is still a must; for those with paving or artificial grass, you can easily blast away dirt and debris to leave it looking clean and shiny. Grab one with a hose reel to stay tidy and avoid irritating kinks.

There are plenty more useful tools for the garden, but this selection should stand you in good stead for the majority of gardening jobs. If you’ve got any questions about the best types of tools for gardening, or any other queries, don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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