The best multi-purpose power tool to own
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The best multi-purpose power tool to own

There’s a lot to be said for having a single tool that can do the job of many. For one, it saves space in the van or toolkit. For another, it could save you money.

Most power tools are fairly similar in nature, being little more than a power source, a motor, and a moving implement. The difference is how the implement moves. Drills rotate, saws move back and forth, and sanders rotate or vibrate. However, there are a number of power tools on the market that combine various functions to give users added functionality in one device.

If you only have enough in your budget for one power tool, which one will perform the largest number of functions? We take a look at some of the multi-purpose power tools available and give our recommendation for the most useful one.


Also known as rotary drills, drill drivers combine the ability to drill and screw in one power tool. This is extremely useful when dealing with a large number of fixings, especially in tough materials, as it allows you to drill pilot holes and drive in screws using the same tool.

If you add a hammer function to the drill, you’ll have even more power to get into hard surfaces such as masonry. This mode moves the drill bit forwards and backwards as it spins in order to create a hole more easily.

Oscillating multi tool

For all-round versatility, it’s hard to better an oscillating multi tool. Also known as multi cutters, they benefit from a wide variety of interchangeable attachments that allow them to perform a number of different functions. Utilising rapid side-to-side motion, these tools can cut, sand, polish, grind and sharpen. They’re handheld and are available in corded and cordless models. They come with a standard choice of attachments, but additional ones can be purchased if you want to expand their functionality.

Circular saws

While circular saws can only be used to saw, it’s the number of different things they can saw that makes them versatile. By fitting different types of blade, it’s possible to cut through wood and plastic as well as tough materials like metal and masonry.

So which multi-purpose power tool should I buy?

While the existence of multi-purpose power tools has helped reduce the need for various separate tools, nobody has yet invented the tool that can do everything. So until this fabled Swiss-army power tool materialises, it will still be necessary to arm yourself with at least a couple of power tools.

Of the list above, we recommend you go for a drill/driver with hammer action, and an oscillating multi tool. This combination will allow you to tackle most standard jobs, won’t cost you a fortune, and will help save space.

It’s best to go for power tools with at least 12v of power, and make sure you get more than one year of warranty. Finally, don’t forget to keep your tools well maintained. Check out our blog on how to care for power tools here.

If you have any questions on the best power tools to go for, just visit our Redhill store or drop us a line. Our friendly team is always happy to help.

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