Festool 26L M-Class AC Mobile Dust Extractor 240V 575020

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Festool have cemented their place as the leading producers of Mobile Dust Extractor’s in the market. Autoclean has been added for automatic filter cleaning. This allows the suction power to stay high at all times meaning longer work intervals, less maintenance, longer service life and plenty of time saved. Even if the filter does get clogged, manual cleaning is easy with the ComfortClean sealing slide which generates a strong vacuum to forcefully clean the filter. Adjustable cleaning intervals can be set with the rotary. The shorter the intervals are set for, the more intense the cleaning is. Safe transport and storage thanks to the Systainer and Sortainer which can both be easily attached to the extractor on the SYS dock. The power cable and suction hose can be stores tidily in the hose and cable holders. Extremely high suction power provides high performance and thanks to the compact and light extractor, the extractor can be used in very little space. A locking brake guarantees that the extractor will remain in place throughout any transportation and the large wheel stop it from tipping over. The location of the centre of gravity makes the extractor easy to carry. Made for dust, dirt and water, when water is unintentionally absorbed, the LevelStop shuts down in good time and the motor remains protected. The wet filter can be set in place by adjusting the product.

Features and Benefits:

  • Safe storage and to transport.
  • Extremely powerful suction power.
  • Automatic filter cleaning.
  • Adjustable cleaning requirement.
  • Large capacity for filter bag.
  • Highly versatile.
  • Product extensions available.

Technical Specification:

Max. volume flow – 3900 l/min.
Max. vacuum – 24000 Pa.
Filter surface area – 6318 cm².
Rubber-insulated mains cable – 7.5 m.
Container/filter bag capacity – 26/24 l.
Max. appliance socket connected load – 2400 W.
Dimensions (L x W x H) – 630 x 365 x 540 mm.
Power consumption – 350 – 1200 W.
Weight – 14.7 kg.
Dust extraction: A-weighted sound pressure level, LpA – 71 dB(A).
Dust extraction: Standards series EN 60745.
Dust extraction: Uncertainty (noise) K – 3 dB.


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