Dewalt DWV902M Construction Dust Extractor 110V

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  • M Classified to meet EU legislation
  • Innovative dual filter cleaning system maintains performance during tough construction applications
  • Constant suction power even with the finest concrete and wood dust
  • A filter is automatically cleaned every 30 seconds reducing filter clogging and delivering constant air flow
  • Wet and dry pick up with variable suction control allows for the reduction of suction power if required
  • Built-in power take off socket allows power tool connection for automatic switching of the vacuum system
  • Telescoping handle and large rear wheels allow easy transportation over jobsite
  • Audible alarm alerts user if a drop in performance occurs.
  • Automatic start and stop control when the power tool is operated. The machine continues to run for an extra 15 seconds to allow all dust to be cleared from system

Technical data

Power Input 1400 Watts
Max. Airflow 4080 l/min
Capacity 38 ltr
Wet/Dry Capacity 18.4 ltr
Weight 15 kg
Height 695 mm
Power Take Off Rating: Europe 2200 Watts
Sound Pressure 73 dB(A)
Sound Pressure Uncertainty 3 dB(A)
Sound Power 87 dB(A)
Sound Power Uncertainty 3 dB(A)

In the box

  • 4.6m x 32mm extraction hose
  • 35mm AirLock adapter
  • Stepped Rubber AirLock adapter
  • Dust bag