3Kva Portable Transformer – 2 Sockets

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3.0KVA portable tool transformer. Made to comply with reduced low voltage regulations ensuring safe electrical supplies on site. Reinforced IP44 GRP portable case c/w carry handle.

  • Double-wound design for mains isolation
  • Insulated splash proof GRP portable case (IP44)
  • 110v centre tapped to earth (cte) secondary winding to reduce the risk of shocks
  • 2m Input flex (1.5mm HO7 RNF) fitted with moulded 13A 3pin plug (BS1363)
  • Input thermal magnetic trip (hand resettable) reducing the chance of overload
  • 2 x output 16A 3pin socket (BSEN 60309)
  • Manufactured to BSEN 61558
  • Power = 3300VA
  • Duty = Intermittent
  • Input voltage = 230vac 1ph
  • Output voltage = 110vac 1ph
  • Socket = 2 x 16A 3pin


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