Our simple guide to screws and bolts
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Our simple guide to screws and bolts

There are so many varieties of screws and bolts that sorting through them all can be something of a headache. That said, we’re always up for a challenge, so we’ve put together this handy guide to everything with a thread.

Types of screws and bolts:

  1. Wood screws

Sharp-tipped screws for use in wood. Outdoor varieties include stainless steel, zinc-coated, and Japanned.

  1. Decking screws

For fastening outside decking. Covered in a waterproof coating to protect them from the weather.

  1. Coach screws

For fixing large, heavy pieces of structural wood. Masonry use requires a pre-drilled hole and a plug. They have a hex head that is turned with a socket or wrench.

  1. Carriage bolts

These bolts have a rounded head and a square anti-spin shoulder. Used in fastening timber, they’re turned with a socket or wrench.

  1. Drywall screws

Specially made to be used in plasterboard. These have a trumpet-shaped ‘bugle’ head that goes into the board without tearing up the exterior.

  1. Machine screws

Straight-shanked and shaped like a bolt. Slotted head is turned with a screwdriver. Pre-drill a hole to provide a strong fastening.

  1. Roofing bolts

Mushroom-headed bolts used for fixing roofing and guttering. Double slotted with a square nut.

  1. Self-tapping screws

These create their own thread as they are being driven. Often used for fixing metal. Stainless steel or zinc-plated self-tappers are recommended outdoors to prevent rusting.

  1. Tek screws

Drill point enables them to tap their own hole. Used in sheet metal and cladding. Usually hex-headed or Pozi-headed. Also available with a bonded washer to create a water-tight seal for outdoor applications.

  1. Hex bolts

Hex-headed bolts with a partial thread. A popular choice in construction and machinery. Tighten with a socket or wrench. Also available as fully-threaded hex set screws.

  1. Concrete screws

Self-tapping screws for concrete, brick, and masonry, they don’t require a wallplug. Hex-headed; use a socket driver or wrench to turn them.

  1. Blue concrete screws

These specially-treated concrete screws are resistant to corrosion, making them ideal for long-term outdoor use.

  1. Socket screws

The head contains an internal hex connection that is driven with a socket. They’re handy for when a lack of space makes screwing difficult.

  1. Security screws

Designed to stay put permanently, these non-reversible screws feature a special head that can only be turned clockwise.

  1. Mirror screws

These come with a chrome cap that covers the head once installed to provide an attractive finish. Used in mirrors and glass.

We stock a wide range of screws and bolts for all your fixing and fastening needs. If you have any more questions, our team is always happy to help, so get in touch at our Redhill store.

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